The Devil in the Details

by The Tet Holiday

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released August 4, 2017

Austin Gibbons - Bass, backing vocals
Andrew Ledford - Lead vocals, guitars, backing vocals
Brandon Farmer - Drums

Michael Bang - Backing vocals, "The Devil in the Details"
Harry Gibbons - Keyboards, "The Devil in the Details"

Recorded at SANTO Recording and Survivor Sound in Oakland, CA on August 12-13, 2016
Backing vocals recorded at 3725 West St, August 20, 2016
Produced by The Tet Holiday
Engineered by Jonah Strauss
Mixed by Jonah Strauss and The Tet Holiday at Survivor Sound
Mastered by Michael Romanowski at Coast Mastering

All songs/lyrics by Andrew Ledford
All music by The Tet Holiday


all rights reserved



The Tet Holiday Oakland, California

The Tet Holiday is the musical brainchild of singer/songwriter Andrew Ledford, accompanied by Austin Gibbons (bass) and Brandon Farmer (drums). Combining the pop instincts of The Jesus and Mary Chain with the passion and energy of Japandroids and The Replacements, The Tet Holiday brings naked emotion to their pop-punk rock anthems. ... more

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Track Name: The Devil in the Details
Break the back of normalcy
Realize what we've got
Should I lie to you and tell you that I'm happy?
Keep pretending that I'm sorry when I'm not?

Bear the brunt of your sympathy
Meet your gaze with a wink
I left some money on the table just to be here
Ceiling fan diplomacy and drown in drink

You didn't play the part
You didn't write the scene
The devil in the details
Skin-tight blue jeans

You make me happy when I'm down
Tide me over 'til you're around
Bend the daylight in my hands
Broken pieces, strange demands

Set the table for the angels
Have my hands on anything that I can take
I felt the minor-key descent into the darkness
I thought for once I'd know exactly what to say

Hire the new au pair
You wouldn't stand in line
You couldn't get me off
The ravages of time
Track Name: Laugh it Off
Here comes the tension and the headaches again
The peace of mind I thought I'd find was all pretend
And now the truth
I'm not a prophet, not divine
Wish I could have the proof in no uncertain terms this time

But I won't beg and plead
Won't rip holes into my jeans
Kneeling at the altar of you

Lay your head on my shoulder
I was born to ignore you
We have been here before, you and I
We'll laugh it off , (I'm sure) (x2)

In the confessional we sit side by side
The words come tumbling out, a year's regrets, my tongue untied
And at your feet
The distance between lust and love is narrowing and bleak
Low-hanging fruit, left to rot on the vine

But I won't hope and pray
Can't find religion in a day
Hoping for some space in your mind

We've answered the call
Dead air, broken hearts
Eyelash clings to my cheek
Lightest touch leaves me feeling weak

We've answered this time
Pins and needles run through my spine
The first and the last
I didn't mean to make you nervous but I'm too polite to ask you
Track Name: Technicolor
Hello again from the heart of the sun
I can see a million miles away and one by one
Your spiral staircases come crumbling down
My great expectations tumble into the ground

I'm alone again, cheers my friend
I'm the sunset, fog, and rain
It's a long road, so it goes
Chemical trails through the sky and my veins

I have taken over
I won't jump through the hoops that you hold
The sky's the limit as I wave goodbye
To watch my technicolor future unfold

Hello, it's me from the top of the clouds
Heard the news today and felt a way I never was allowed
Choked in the labyrinthine walls of my guilt
Found the trail of thread and wove it back into silk

Feel it coming now, don't know how
As the fire still smolders in me
Been the first, last, only one
Who knew that being lonely could feel so free?
Track Name: Close
Conversation taking chunks out of me
Backed into corners, head pounding
I was alone, and I'll never be
Swimming with sharks as they surround me

The backbone of love is the feeling
Where the kids are alright but their parents are reeling

Close your eyes
I'm wide awake
Any day now

Resurrection is a curious thing
Can't remember when I stopped breathing
I was alone and waiting to be
Burned at the stake and hung from the ceiling

The backbone of love is the moment
Where the damage is done and I missed all the omens

Sell your soul and dig this hole (x2)

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