by The Tet Holiday

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released February 12, 2016

Austin Gibbons - Bass, backing vocals, piano, handclaps
Andrew Ledford - Lead vocals, guitars, backing vocals, handclaps
Robert Pruett - Drums, percussion, backing vocals, synthesizers, handclaps

Recorded at Mission Recorders in San Francisco, CA on November 9-12, 17, 19, 2014
Additional recording on tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10 at Highlander Studios in Danville, CA
Produced by Jeff Mark and The Tet Holiday
Engineered by Jordan Sobolew
Mixed by Jonathan Deutsche and The Tet Holiday at Deutscheland Studios
Mastered by Michael Romanowski at Coast Recorders

All songs by Andrew Ledford
All music by The Tet Holiday


all rights reserved



The Tet Holiday Oakland, California

The Tet Holiday is the musical brainchild of singer/songwriter Andrew Ledford, accompanied by Austin Gibbons (bass) and Brandon Farmer (drums). Combining the pop instincts of The Jesus and Mary Chain with the passion and energy of Japandroids and The Replacements, The Tet Holiday brings naked emotion to their pop-punk rock anthems. ... more

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Track Name: First Light
Track Name: Here and Now
I never would’ve called you if I knew you were just home for the weekend
I never would have called you back if I was thinking at all
The start of something new, trying to forget about you
Now we’re sitting here together having ourselves a ball

What can I say? It could feel like it did if we let it
What can I write that I haven’t written to you before?
I don’t wanna waste another minute
Been composed but reached my limit
I don’t know what I’m doing but at least I’m being sincere

Why can’t you admit you miss me?
Why can’t you admit you’re confused?
Why can’t you flash that grin I love?
I haven’t hidden anything about the way I feel from you

I confess that days like these tend to feel just a little more potent
I’m holding onto something that just doesn’t exist here and now
I still remember when I’d trace the lines in your skin
We would get away with whatever circumstance would allow

I shouldn’t complain, I’ve already apologized for my crimes
I should’ve known better than to trust you, I chose to ignore all the signs
We’re together in so many memories that crumble into dust, leave a trail to see
Half-asleep and dreaming to the knell of the wind chimes

When I say I don’t care what you think, I do
When I say I don’t care how you feel, I’m lying to you
I could never be that way tonight
When you’re here with me, everything is all right (x2)
Track Name: Make-Believer
Heard the footsteps walking backwards
Fill the outlines and run in place
Queen Deceiver, Make-Believer
Anesthesia wore off today

You don’t have to give an answer
Line ‘em up one by one in a row
Take a picture, give your number
Hallelujah, I loved you so

An amusement today, inconvenience tomorrow
Sweep me under, wonder, beg and borrow
Clean the cobwebs, low ebb, tangled and true
Entertainment for three, what more could we be?
Out with the old and in with the new

Expectations, knew your rhythm
These old habits die cold and alone
Left a warm place, now it’s bone-dry
Skin on skin, touch as stiff as a stone

Left the blinders on, believed we were strong
Let the poison soak into the stings
Things happen for a reason, hang me for treason
I’ll walk, not tangle, the puppet strings

Back me up against the wall, too weary to be stunned
Corner me and tuck me in, I’d hate to fuck and run
Build me up to tear me down, you’re so fucking mature
Leave me here, alone and scared
To shiver, I despise you
Hope you choke on the words you plagiarized

Take me away (x4)
Track Name: Statues
We met in 3/4 time, our edges smoothed by sea and sand
Our glances sly, our wells ran dry, we waited patiently
For what we knew lay in the ground, could you feel my heart pound?
When it happened and you held yourself so close to me?

That was six years ago, it feels like trans-Atlantic flights
And endless blues, colorful hues, half-truths lie in-between
We made decisions without thought, kissed in public, lost the plot
To the play of everyday we didn’t pay to see

As the world turned, we stood like statues
As the world slowed, we moved as sunbeams
And I knew everything about you
And you knew everything about me

As the trees swayed, we held like pillars
As the trees bloomed, we spun a cocoon
Wove a wall between new expectations
Wove a wall to climb and stare at the moon

You were a vision of exquisite grace and nervousness
My hanging jaw, I wish you saw your blinding radiance
Oh, it wasn’t easy to say no, so we never did and how it showed
In the lazy flight of endless nights’ experience
Track Name: By the Throat, By the Heart
I would have given anything to you
Sometimes I did and all I knew
Was darling, I got nothing back at all
We're tried and true

I let you break my heart to pieces
Before you go, could you sign the releases?
So I know that this won't go on haunting me
Rip bandages off wounded knees

It's so hard to look you in the eye
When you have me by the throat and by the heart
I don't know where to start

Be sure to wipe your shoes off on the mat
Step inside if what you have to say can match the crushing impact

Of the day we touched for the first time
And we fell apart in each other's arms
Put it back together though we were blind by sight
We learned every inch of each other that night

And we'll always know the truth of how we're made
And how we're fragile and afraid
Trembling as the night fades

With the bright sky overhead I'll stumble down an empty street
By starlight feel just like I'm floating above the glistening concrete
My dancing partner's silhouetted on the ground I tread upon
As my feet return to earth I'll dash across the damp front lawns and sing
Track Name: A Million
Tick tick tick, another minute
Wasting precious, precious time
Pull the cord and now I'm spinning
Set the cast and read the lines

Living apart, we've done this dance before
I feel inept, makes me only want it more
Well-treaded paths will only wash away
I was given so many chances, begged for answers
Was it me? You wouldn't say

I wish that I could be a better man than what I am
Enough with silver linings, won't pretend to give a damn
Come on, die young with me so we won't learn
To grow old gracefully and burn
Our eyes out staring at the sun
A million songs we should've sung

I can't stand it any longer
Who's got leaving on the mind?
Linger 'til the room is empty
Breathe in whiskey and orange rinds

The longer I wait, the sooner you will leave
We blink, we miss our reasons to believe
Sad punk, punch-drunk, fail to rest
The world is ours, born to be stars
Come on, we all can't be so blessed today

I'll be awake for hours now
So easy to forget somehow
The empty page and written word
Tethered by the ankles, dancing all alone with the absurd

A million lines, a million faces, a million lapses in good graces
A million ways, a million fights, a million dollars rolled in dimes
If I could live a million years, a million miles away from here
I would, I could, I should allow it to soak in, we'll stand and take a bow

Nothing matters now
Track Name: Camera's Off
You are with me when I don’t want you to be
When the camera’s off, when the red light stops, when I think I’m free

You are with me when I think I’m by myself
When the dial tone says I’m all alone
And you’re with someone else

I think about you all the time, I just can’t help it
Feel guilty when I do
If we are speaking off the record
You may find that though we’ve changed, I still love you
I do, I do


I was open to letting you back inside
Where you had spent years unblemished, at least I tried

Shades of mystery give you the upper hand
Or so you thought, play those games you know I just can’t fucking stand

I thought about you all the time, I couldn’t help it
Hoped you felt the same way too
If we are speaking off the record
You may find that though we’ve changed, I still love you
I do, I do

Track Name: Sighing
If I could write a letter to say what I’m feeling, I would send it the next day
Send it first class all the way
Because when I am around you, I lose my voice to speak, and I lose my thoughts to think
I stare at you and blink

I just can’t help it sometimes, you’re more beautiful than twilight
Dancing off the ocean’s surface as the sunlight melts away
To its bed in the horizon where we lay our heads together
Because everything is ours and everything is you

You’re more fragile than an orchid
Your skin is like its petals, soft as ivory is white
As black holds hands with night I want to hold your hand in mine, let our fingers intertwine
As ivy coils its way up old stone walls, our bodies coil like the vines

I’d like to be alone with you
I’d like you just once to follow through
On the promises made to the stars above
Broken plans, broken hearts, are we still in love?

No, no, no, no
No, I don’t think so
Track Name: Dawn's Breath Blowing
Open up your eyes

Dawn’s breath blowing
Wake up, it’s morning

Moonlight, shadows
Shatter with the sun

Misty snowmelt
Teeth chatter
Track Name: A New Day
You went to sleep in tears last night
Your eyes were shiny mirrors last night
And with the sun you’ll be all right
Wake up, it’s a new day

You thought that it would never stop
The tears would stream and never stop
Your pillow caught the final drop
Wake up, it’s a new day

You went down with a broken heart
A shattered, smashed, and broken heart
You couldn’t wait for a fresh start
Wake up, it’s a new day

I wish I could have changed it
I wish I could repair
The damage that was done to your heart
I’ve given you my soul, too much to bear

But it’s all right, it’s over now
The book is shut, the damage done
Just open up your tired eyes
And catch the first rays of the new day’s sun

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