By the Throat, By the Heart EP

by The Tet Holiday

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I would have given anything to you Sometimes I did and all I knew Was darling, I got nothing back at all We're tried and true I let you break my heart to pieces Before you go, could you sign the releases? So I know that this won't go on haunting me Rip bandages off wounded knees It's so hard to look you in the eye When you have me by the throat and by the heart I don't know where to start Be sure to wipe your shoes off on the mat Step inside if what you have to say can match the crushing impact Of the day we touched for the first time And we fell apart in each other's arms Put it back together though we were blind by sight We learned every inch of each other that night And we'll always know the truth of how we're made And how we're fragile and afraid Trembling as the night fades With the bright sky overhead I'll stumble down an empty street By starlight feel just like I'm floating above the glistening concrete My dancing partner's silhouetted on the ground I tread upon As my feet return to earth I'll dash across the damp front lawns and sing
We met in 3/4 time, our edges smoothed by sea and sand Our glances sly, our wells ran dry, we waited patiently For what we knew lay in the ground, could you feel my heart pound? When it happened and you held yourself so close to me? That was six years ago, it feels like trans-Atlantic flights And endless blues, colorful hues, half-truths lie in-between We made decisions without thought, kissed in public, lost the plot To the play of everyday we didn’t pay to see As the world turned, we stood like statues As the world slowed, we moved as sunbeams And I knew everything about you And you knew everything about me As the trees swayed, we held like pillars As the trees bloomed, we spun a cocoon Wove a wall between new expectations Wove a wall to climb and stare at the moon You were a vision of exquisite grace and nervousness My hanging jaw, I wish you saw your blinding radiance Oh, it wasn’t easy to say "No", so we never did and how it showed In the lazy flight of endless nights’ experience
Hello again from the heart of the sun I can see a million miles away and one by one Your spiral staircases come crumbling down My great expectations tumble into the ground I'm alone again, cheers my friend I'm the sunset, the fog, and the rain It's a long road, so it goes The chemical trails through the sky and my veins I have taken over I won't jump through the hoops that you hold The sky's the limit as I wave goodbye To watch my technicolor future unfold Hello, it's me from the top of the clouds Heard the news today and felt a way I never was allowed Choked by the labrynthine walls of my guilt Found the trail of thread and wove it back into silk Feel it coming now, don't know how As the fire still smolders in me Been the first, last, only one Who knew that being lonely could feel so free?


released September 11, 2015

Tracks 1-2:

Austin Gibbons - Bass, backing vocals, piano
Andrew Ledford - Lead vocals, guitars, backing vocals
Robert Pruett - Drums, backing vocals, synthesizers

Recorded at Mission Recorders in San Francisco, CA on November 9-12, 17, 19, 2014
Additional recording on Track 2 at Highlander Studios in Danville, CA
Produced by Jeff Mark and The Tet Holiday
Engineered by Jordan Sobolew
Mixed by Jonathan Deutsche and The Tet Holiday at Deutscheland Studios
Mastered by Michael Romanowski at Coast Recorders

Track 3:

Andrew Ledford - Guitars, lead vocals

Recorded at Deutscheland Studios in San Jose, CA on August 2, 2015
Produced by Andrew Ledford and Jonathan Deutsche
Engineered by Jonathan Deutsche
Mixed by Jonathan Deutsche at Deutscheland Studios
Mastered by Piper Payne at Coast Recorders

All songs/lyrics by Andrew Ledford
All music by The Tet Holiday


all rights reserved



The Tet Holiday Oakland, California

The Tet Holiday is Andrew Ledford (vocals/guitar), Austin Gibbons (bass), and Brandon Farmer (drums). Swirling The Jesus and Mary Chain's noise-pop melodicism, Ride's shimmering dreamscapes, The Stone Roses' dance-informed psychedelia, and Japandroids' pack-the-room punk energy, The Tet Holiday balances bittersweet introspection with anthemic, crushing rock 'n' roll. ... more

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